Dearborn Magnet High School

Information Regarding Sep 25 Lockdown

Dear Parents,

As part of our ongoing effort to keep an open line of communication with our parents, I
would like to take a moment to share information with you regarding an incident that
occurred today in our neighborhood.

Early this afternoon, Dearborn Police notified us that there was a police situation in the
vicinity of our school. As a precautionary measure the police recommended that all students
remain inside and all external doors secured. Supported by Central Office staff we followed
these recommendations in order to maintain a safe school environment. All students were
dismissed as scheduled without incident.

I would like to be clear that at no time were any students or staff in danger. The incident in
the neighborhood did not involve our school and the actions that we took were precautionary
in nature.

At The Heights Campus we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for all of our
students. By working together and keeping an open line of communication we can ensure
that our students, your children, will remain safe at school.

Dr. Winifred Green and Mr. Oussama Baydoun