Dearborn Magnet High School

April calendar reminder

Sharing a reminder with the community that the Dearborn Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday, April 9th and Wednesday, April 10th. Students do not attend school on those two days. Schools will resume on Thursday, April 11th.  

A great deal of advanced planning and discussion goes into determining all parts of the school calendar. When needed, the District will utilize a variety of resources to aid in determining planned days off. State law dictates the minimum number of days and minutes students must be in class. The district also considers the Wayne County RESA Common Calendar and negotiates other specifics with the Dearborn Federation of Teachers as part of that contract.

All of these considerations are reflected in the 2023-24 calendar. Our recent spring break is an example of honoring the county common calendar. Elimination of certain No School Days during the year is an illustration of finding the flexibility needed to end school on June 7th, a full week earlier than last year and ten days earlier than 2022.  Not conducting school on April 9 and 10 is the result of working with our unions and utilizing other resources to aid in determining which days will be the least disruptive to our school calendar and provide staff and students with the time needed to take part in religious obligations. This was also the case for March 29, 2024 and December 25, 2023.

As always, parents have the ability to keep their children home if there are any extenuating circumstances or family obligations.

Wishing all who celebrate Eid Mubarak!

Calendar note in English and Arabic